Friday Facts #3- Back Home, Hash Browns, and Monk Pastries

Hellooooo! Happy Friday, my little doves! I hope y’all have something fun/relaxing to do this weekend… And if not, well at least you don’t have to go to work for two days. Unless you work the weekends. Then I sympathize.

Anyways! Let’s get on with these Friday Facts!

1. I finished Delirium. The book. Not some sort of exercise/workout/mental breakdown. I highly recommend it if you enjoy dystopian novels that are similar to the likes of Hunger Games or Divergent. It’s pretty darn awesome.

2. Hash browns make me happy. And full. I had breakfast at a cute little restaurant today called the Tamarack Inn and enjoy eggs, toast (why do restaurants have the best toast? What is the secret) and hash browns with onion and pepper. I’m done for the day. No pictures because I basically gobbled it all up with help from my dad.

3. Going back to Ohio tomorrow! Yay! I kind of missed the heat it. Ill be back on my usual clean eating after today so you can expect more veggies and fruits and less hash browns and muffins. Sorry.

4. SPEAKING OF MUFFINS! I went to this shack-y humble place that was called the Jam Pot. It is run by monks. It is the best. I blame them for my weight gain. Darn you monks. But bless you because your lemon cream cheese pound cake and cranberry bread makes me happy.

20130628-111402 AM.jpg

5. I may have an obsession with asparagus. Robert Downey Jr. will have to move down a spot on my list of obsessions loves. Sorry Rob. I’m sure it’s heartbreaking.

20130628-111536 AM.jpg

6. I’m trying to type this in a moving car. Hash browns are trying to make a surprise appearance. I’ll see you guys on Monday for a Marvellous MIMM post (Redundancy is my forte). Here are a few more pictures from this week (:


20130628-111652 AM.jpg

20130628-111704 AM.jpg

20130628-111718 AM.jpg

20130628-111731 AM.jpg


WIAW #2- Michigan Trip!

Happy Wednesday, little doves! I’m still in Michigan (until Saturday) and I’m loving it! Well, I don’t love mosquitoes and black flies but you got to deal with it if you want to see things like this…

20130625-075638 PM.jpg

Yeah. It’s pretty awesome. BUT! It’s time for What I Ate Wednesday! Once you’re done reading this little post, go on over to Peas and Crayons and thanks Jen for hosting yet again!

Breakfast was simple and summery: 1 whole egg plus one egg white with a sprinkle (and a half 😉) of cheddar cheese. With some supppppeeerrrr sweet strawberries! Yum.

20130625-080026 PM.jpg

Lunch was equally awesome. It was awesome opossum, some would say. I was starving after a good hour and a half of kayaking. It was a very nostalgic peanut butter sandwich on sesame Ezekiel with a side of romaine. And an unpictured 1/3 of a chicken breast for a little protein kick. Oh. And more strawberries.

20130625-080403 PM.jpg

Snacks were scattered and constant. I’m an eater. I won’t apologise. Almonds, more unpictured chicken, and a bunch some peanut butter eaten right off a spoon.

20130625-080757 PM.jpg

Dinner was amazing thanks to my parents. I did nothing. I’m ashamed. A plain burger, some romaine, onion, a spoonful of guac and some red beans. I wasn’t all that hungry (which doesn’t make sense since my plate was full), so I didn’t eat my beans. My dad enjoyed them though.

20130625-081034 PM.jpg

I got kinda hungry after about 1.5 hours and grabbed some berries, peanut butter (I’m going to Nut Butteraholics Anonymous when I get back) and some chocolate. It is vacation after all. Yeah I just ate the berries. I’m so wasteful these days.

20130625-081217 PM.jpg

And that’s that. Food. Pictures. Links. Check, check, and check. I’m going to finish watching Chopped then hang out by the fire. See ya on Friday!

MIMM #3- Mackinaw and Michigan So Far

Hey y’all! Since I have a lack of wifi and service up here I’m going to jump right in. Thanks Katie, for hosting once again! If you don’t know what Marvellous in My Monday is, after to finish reading my post go check Ms. Katie out for more awesome posts!

Lets get into shall we?
20130624-085655 AM.jpg

1. Marvellous is Mackinaw! The ice cream, the pizza, the views. I can’t really describe how awesome it was, even for one cloudy, foggy day!
20130624-085827 AM.jpg

20130624-085900 AM.jpg

20130624-085841 AM.jpg

2. Marvellous is finding out I love red beans! My step mom cooked up a bunch for the week and I have literally had them for every meal. I’m not sorry.

20130624-091109 AM.jpg

3. Marvellous is finally getting out of the car after the final 5 hour treck to get up to the UP. It’s beautiful up here, but it’s a trip, I’ll tell you.

4. Marvellous is hiking right along Lake Superior! We decided to get off our butts yesterday and went kayaking, came back and ate, then went for a nice long walk/hike on a trail that took us around to the lake. Here are some Pictures because I can’t honestly describe it myself.

20130624-091424 AM.jpg

20130624-091414 AM.jpg

4. This one is marvellous and not so marvellous. It began topour after dinner last night. And we, as the idiots we are, went fishing right after. I have at least 10 bug bites thank you very much.

5. Like I said, my service up here stinks, but I’ll try to be back for WIAW! So keep an eye out kids. See ya soon!


Friday Facts #2- Mackinaw, Midwest, and Grilled Cheese

I’m actually typing this wonderful post up on Thursday, as I will be driving and all that jazz Friday… BECAUSE I’M GOING TO MICHIGAN BABY!

Every year, I fly back east to visit family and friends, but my step-mom (Hi Karen!) and Dad always try to take a trip somewhere other than Ohio. Last year was Florida, but we are falling back on our usual: Michigan. This year we’re driving up to Mackinaw City and staying the night before crossing the bridge and heading up to the Upper Peninsula. It’s beautiful, the hiking is awesome, and the fish is fresh. But anyways; you guys came for the Facts!

1. I forgot how good a grilled cheese can be. I made mine with some Ezekiel and a slice of sharp cheddar when I arrived at my parents house. It was wonderful. I think I almost cried.

2. Thanks to Molly I officially cannot wait for Mackinaw as she has informed on plenty of awesome things to eat and do while I’m there for the day! It’s going to be awesome. Pictures to come of course!

3. My parent’s dogs are cute. Apollo (below) is the baby of the pack. He’s kind of a spaz ball. And he, too, enjoys a mean grilled cheese.

20130620-095812 PM.jpg

4. Am I the only one who forgets the date when I’m not in school? Oh wait. That’s everyone.

5. If you are from the Midwest, please tell me you know of or have tried a pasty. No, not those things you stick on your boobs when you are wearing a deep cut neck, but a crusty pie/calzone/thing full of yummy fillings like potato and gravy. These things are the bomb. You gotta have one.

6. Swamp People is literally the most entertaining show to watch when you are severely jet lagged and tired. I didn’t even understand half the stuff they said.


20130620-100558 PM.jpg

Enough said.

Ill see you guys for a Wordless Weekend Post sometime, well, this weekend! It will be full of Michigan stuff. So if you don’t like good food and lakes, look away.


I Didn’t Mean To Cut You Off

Well this week had been busy. My grandparents all came in. My step-brother graduated. I’m going back east today. Unfortunately I will not be posting an actual post, but I will be back tomorrow with a Friday Facts. I’m going to be flying and driving all day so this all I have for you. A whole bunch of food pictures from my favorite meals all week.

20130620-091036 AM.jpg

20130620-091048 AM.jpg

20130620-091057 AM.jpg

20130620-091105 AM.jpg

20130620-091113 AM.jpg

20130620-091122 AM.jpg

20130620-091128 AM.jpg

20130620-091138 AM.jpg

The Dreaded Plateau

Plateau – To reach a state of little or no change after a time of activity or progress.

If you’ve ever been hiking, you know how rough climbing up a steep hill is. And then you finally reach the top and you feel accomplished. Maybe even a bit light headed. But sometimes you hit a plateau. I’m wandering on an endless plateau at the moment. It’s frustrating, annoying, and quite honestly, it’s boring.

I’m trying to see a light at the end of the tunnel plateau. It’s an itty bitty light. But I can see it. I researched ways to get off the plateau. So I made a list of ways I can reach that light as quickly.

1. Start running again. Every day. Seriously, every day. 


2. Cut out all the crap. No white pasta, no candy (or chocolate), and no overly processed food.


3. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else. Focus on you.


4. Don’t get lazy.


Plateaus suck. That’s life though. So I’m going to get fitter, healthier, and happier. And the only way I can do that is if I get off my butt and do it myself. Because no one else is going to do it for me (although that would be so much easier). So I’m going to finish up this post and go for a run. It’s a nice day… And I will be getting closer to that little light with eat step on the pavement.

I’ll see ya tomorrow for WIAW and a nice little update about my vacation back east!


MIMM #2- Food, Fishing, And Father’s Day


Happy MIMM! If you are new to MIMM (or just want to check out an amazing blog), go check out Healthy Diva! Thanks for hosting again, Katie!

Sorry for the late posting, but I’ve been a bit busy all day… Fishing!

Although I don/t have any pictures (Mainly because we didn’t catch anything), It was wonderful! I got a nice tan and got to hang out on the water.

I also have sun burn marks littered around my legs. Whoever allowed me to where ripped up jeans today should be given a time out.


I also did a bit of walking with Opal


She was so exhausted after our walk… So she slept. As dogs do.

I did a bunch of eating…


THIS SANDWICH HOLY MOTHER OF VEGGIES. It was a caramelized onion, spinach, and goat cheese sandwich with a garlic aioli, tomato, and pickles.

Some more eating…


Good lord these were yummy.



And some celebrating!

Father’s Day was this weekend (If you were unaware) and my grandparents finished there cross-country drive from Florida! We relaxed and played some games and hit the hay.

It was a nice warm bale of hay just in case you were wondering.

We visited a winery (where I didn’t drink). Please ignore the blurriness as my brother decided to walk through my camera’s view right before I took it. I also almost got hit by a car. I really love you guys that much.


Oh! And I planked for more than three days. I kid. I left my stopwatch on and obviously forgot to turn it off. I’m forgetful, what can I say?Image

Well, that sums this weekend up! I hope everyone had a great Monday, and I’ll talk to y’all tomorrow for another post! Kisses to the misses!