And So A Blog Was Born

Good Morning! So this is my blog. It’s a work in progress of course, as all new projects are. But I’m up for the challenge.

My journey into healthy living began not too long ago after trying random, dad diets. Yeah. That didn’t work. I was deprived and cranky. So I started reading blogs such as Healthy Diva Eats and PB Fingers. They really are the reason I’m starting a blog! I mean, there are a few other reasons: I want to be healthier. I want to be happier. And I want to talk to/become friends with some awesome bloggers! And so a journey begins. Just a girl. And a laptop. And a blog. (This sounds like a romantic comedy involving me and my Mac. Definitely not what I was implying)

Starting tomorrow I will be posting regularly (Every day or every other day) and keeping you updated on workouts and recipes (because food makes the world go ’round). And of course daily life.

So let’s get into some actual blogg-y stuff!

Although I won’t be linking up with Katie for Marvellous in My Monday this week, I will surely be up and running by next week!

My Agenda for 6/10-6/16
Monday: At-Home Workout and Run
Tuesday: Gym! Upper Body and Cardio
Wednesday: At-Home Workout and Run
Thursday: Gym! Lower Body and Cardio
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: Gym! Upper Body and Cardio
Sunday: At-Home Workout and Run

Pretty monotonous. But if I want to get into shape by Michigan (I will get into that next week before I leave!), I need to really push myself. And stop eating so much crap. But these babies are the only exception.

20130610-101606 AM.jpg

Ah Voodoo. You make my day with your yumminess. (Bonus because they are vegan).

Well, I am off to work on the blog! Thanks for reading Coffee and Curl Ups’ first post! See ya soon!



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