MIMM #2- Food, Fishing, And Father’s Day


Happy MIMM! If you are new to MIMM (or just want to check out an amazing blog), go check out Healthy Diva! Thanks for hosting again, Katie!

Sorry for the late posting, but I’ve been a bit busy all day… Fishing!

Although I don/t have any pictures (Mainly because we didn’t catch anything), It was wonderful! I got a nice tan and got to hang out on the water.

I also have sun burn marks littered around my legs. Whoever allowed me to where ripped up jeans today should be given a time out.


I also did a bit of walking with Opal


She was so exhausted after our walk… So she slept. As dogs do.

I did a bunch of eating…


THIS SANDWICH HOLY MOTHER OF VEGGIES. It was a caramelized onion, spinach, and goat cheese sandwich with a garlic aioli, tomato, and pickles.

Some more eating…


Good lord these were yummy.



And some celebrating!

Father’s Day was this weekend (If you were unaware) and my grandparents finished there cross-country drive from Florida! We relaxed and played some games and hit the hay.

It was a nice warm bale of hay just in case you were wondering.

We visited a winery (where I didn’t drink). Please ignore the blurriness as my brother decided to walk through my camera’s view right before I took it. I also almost got hit by a car. I really love you guys that much.


Oh! And I planked for more than three days. I kid. I left my stopwatch on and obviously forgot to turn it off. I’m forgetful, what can I say?Image

Well, that sums this weekend up! I hope everyone had a great Monday, and I’ll talk to y’all tomorrow for another post! Kisses to the misses!



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