Friday Facts #2- Mackinaw, Midwest, and Grilled Cheese

I’m actually typing this wonderful post up on Thursday, as I will be driving and all that jazz Friday… BECAUSE I’M GOING TO MICHIGAN BABY!

Every year, I fly back east to visit family and friends, but my step-mom (Hi Karen!) and Dad always try to take a trip somewhere other than Ohio. Last year was Florida, but we are falling back on our usual: Michigan. This year we’re driving up to Mackinaw City and staying the night before crossing the bridge and heading up to the Upper Peninsula. It’s beautiful, the hiking is awesome, and the fish is fresh. But anyways; you guys came for the Facts!

1. I forgot how good a grilled cheese can be. I made mine with some Ezekiel and a slice of sharp cheddar when I arrived at my parents house. It was wonderful. I think I almost cried.

2. Thanks to Molly I officially cannot wait for Mackinaw as she has informed on plenty of awesome things to eat and do while I’m there for the day! It’s going to be awesome. Pictures to come of course!

3. My parent’s dogs are cute. Apollo (below) is the baby of the pack. He’s kind of a spaz ball. And he, too, enjoys a mean grilled cheese.

20130620-095812 PM.jpg

4. Am I the only one who forgets the date when I’m not in school? Oh wait. That’s everyone.

5. If you are from the Midwest, please tell me you know of or have tried a pasty. No, not those things you stick on your boobs when you are wearing a deep cut neck, but a crusty pie/calzone/thing full of yummy fillings like potato and gravy. These things are the bomb. You gotta have one.

6. Swamp People is literally the most entertaining show to watch when you are severely jet lagged and tired. I didn’t even understand half the stuff they said.


20130620-100558 PM.jpg

Enough said.

Ill see you guys for a Wordless Weekend Post sometime, well, this weekend! It will be full of Michigan stuff. So if you don’t like good food and lakes, look away.



2 thoughts on “Friday Facts #2- Mackinaw, Midwest, and Grilled Cheese

    • I always felt so dirty saying Pasty lol It may or may not be a MIMM post because the connection up here is non-existent. But sometime within the next few days! Thanks for reading, Molls! XOXO

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