MIMM #3- Mackinaw and Michigan So Far

Hey y’all! Since I have a lack of wifi and service up here I’m going to jump right in. Thanks Katie, for hosting once again! If you don’t know what Marvellous in My Monday is, after to finish reading my post go check Ms. Katie out for more awesome posts!

Lets get into shall we?
20130624-085655 AM.jpg

1. Marvellous is Mackinaw! The ice cream, the pizza, the views. I can’t really describe how awesome it was, even for one cloudy, foggy day!
20130624-085827 AM.jpg

20130624-085900 AM.jpg

20130624-085841 AM.jpg

2. Marvellous is finding out I love red beans! My step mom cooked up a bunch for the week and I have literally had them for every meal. I’m not sorry.

20130624-091109 AM.jpg

3. Marvellous is finally getting out of the car after the final 5 hour treck to get up to the UP. It’s beautiful up here, but it’s a trip, I’ll tell you.

4. Marvellous is hiking right along Lake Superior! We decided to get off our butts yesterday and went kayaking, came back and ate, then went for a nice long walk/hike on a trail that took us around to the lake. Here are some Pictures because I can’t honestly describe it myself.

20130624-091424 AM.jpg

20130624-091414 AM.jpg

4. This one is marvellous and not so marvellous. It began topour after dinner last night. And we, as the idiots we are, went fishing right after. I have at least 10 bug bites thank you very much.

5. Like I said, my service up here stinks, but I’ll try to be back for WIAW! So keep an eye out kids. See ya soon!



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