WIAW #2- Michigan Trip!

Happy Wednesday, little doves! I’m still in Michigan (until Saturday) and I’m loving it! Well, I don’t love mosquitoes and black flies but you got to deal with it if you want to see things like this…

20130625-075638 PM.jpg

Yeah. It’s pretty awesome. BUT! It’s time for What I Ate Wednesday! Once you’re done reading this little post, go on over to Peas and Crayons and thanks Jen for hosting yet again!

Breakfast was simple and summery: 1 whole egg plus one egg white with a sprinkle (and a half šŸ˜‰) of cheddar cheese. With some supppppeeerrrr sweet strawberries! Yum.

20130625-080026 PM.jpg

Lunch was equally awesome. It was awesome opossum, some would say. I was starving after a good hour and a half of kayaking. It was a very nostalgic peanut butter sandwich on sesame Ezekiel with a side of romaine. And an unpictured 1/3 of a chicken breast for a little protein kick. Oh. And more strawberries.

20130625-080403 PM.jpg

Snacks were scattered and constant. I’m an eater. I won’t apologise. Almonds, more unpictured chicken, and a bunch some peanut butter eaten right off a spoon.

20130625-080757 PM.jpg

Dinner was amazing thanks to my parents. I did nothing. I’m ashamed. A plain burger, some romaine, onion, a spoonful of guac and some red beans. I wasn’t all that hungry (which doesn’t make sense since my plate was full), so I didn’t eat my beans. My dad enjoyed them though.

20130625-081034 PM.jpg

I got kinda hungry after about 1.5 hours and grabbed some berries, peanut butter (I’m going to Nut Butteraholics Anonymous when I get back) and some chocolate. It is vacation after all. Yeah I just ate the berries. I’m so wasteful these days.

20130625-081217 PM.jpg

And that’s that. Food. Pictures. Links. Check, check, and check. I’m going to finish watching Chopped then hang out by the fire. See ya on Friday!


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