Friday Facts #3- Back Home, Hash Browns, and Monk Pastries

Hellooooo! Happy Friday, my little doves! I hope y’all have something fun/relaxing to do this weekend… And if not, well at least you don’t have to go to work for two days. Unless you work the weekends. Then I sympathize.

Anyways! Let’s get on with these Friday Facts!

1. I finished Delirium. The book. Not some sort of exercise/workout/mental breakdown. I highly recommend it if you enjoy dystopian novels that are similar to the likes of Hunger Games or Divergent. It’s pretty darn awesome.

2. Hash browns make me happy. And full. I had breakfast at a cute little restaurant today called the Tamarack Inn and enjoy eggs, toast (why do restaurants have the best toast? What is the secret) and hash browns with onion and pepper. I’m done for the day. No pictures because I basically gobbled it all up with help from my dad.

3. Going back to Ohio tomorrow! Yay! I kind of missed the heat it. Ill be back on my usual clean eating after today so you can expect more veggies and fruits and less hash browns and muffins. Sorry.

4. SPEAKING OF MUFFINS! I went to this shack-y humble place that was called the Jam Pot. It is run by monks. It is the best. I blame them for my weight gain. Darn you monks. But bless you because your lemon cream cheese pound cake and cranberry bread makes me happy.

20130628-111402 AM.jpg

5. I may have an obsession with asparagus. Robert Downey Jr. will have to move down a spot on my list of obsessions loves. Sorry Rob. I’m sure it’s heartbreaking.

20130628-111536 AM.jpg

6. I’m trying to type this in a moving car. Hash browns are trying to make a surprise appearance. I’ll see you guys on Monday for a Marvellous MIMM post (Redundancy is my forte). Here are a few more pictures from this week (:


20130628-111652 AM.jpg

20130628-111704 AM.jpg

20130628-111718 AM.jpg

20130628-111731 AM.jpg


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