MIMM #4- Final Michigan Recap, Onion Rings, and Clean Eating

Happy July 1st! I cannot believe it’s already halfway through the year. Time to start Christmas shopping! Anyways, there are more important things to discuss… LIKE LITTLE BABY ROCCO! Healthy Diva Eats (The founder of MIMM) had her little baby boy yesterday! Congrats for the fifth time Katie, and thanks for hosting again!


We left Michigan early Saturday morning and began the 14 hour trek home. I slept for a good portion of it, but I did take a couple pictures that I thought we spark some interest.

Grande Nonfat Misto with 1 Pump of Sugar-Free Vanilla

Grande Nonfat Misto with 1 Pump of Sugar-Free Vanilla


I have apparently been spelling my name wrong all my life. I was sure it was spelled Zoe. Looks like I’m going to have to change all my information now……. I’m kidding. That’s a lot of wasted ink on extra vowels.

For lunch we stopped in Mackinaw after we saw a quaint family restaurant called Darrow’s. I was good (and after a week of crappy eating, I needed to be good) and got the Raspberry Chicken Salad. I asked for no cheese and dressing on the side, just to be sure.



My dad, however, stuck with a fish sandwich and onion rings the size of his head… And he has a really big head.

He was pretty happy... And full after this meal.

He was pretty happy… And full after this meal.

When we got back I made some eggs, checked and caught up on some blogs, and fell asleep.

Sunday I woke up and ran! It was a slow and painful run as I haven’t been running since before I left. I know. I can feel your glares from here. It’s an embarrassing distance and an even more embarrassing was my average mile time. I need tissues.


But! The good news is I’m going to start running every day! My goal is to be able to run 5 miles easy by the beginning of school again. Okay maybe by Halloween.

After I showered and dressed etc, I drove down to my grandparents house and visited. My brother from another mother showed up as well but promptly left about an hour later. Some of us have lives I guess. The rest of my day was laid back and relaxing, as Sunday’s should be.


I also went for a nice 2 mile walk around the park/creek with these guys. Let’s just say the ride back was a little… Damp.

I’m starting to eat a lot more… Cleanly (Is that the proper word?) I’ve really stopped focusing on the carbs and amount of calories (well I still care but I’m a little less restrictive)! I feel better, and I think I look better. Hopefully I can keep it up through all the Fourth of July BBQ’s and cook outs this summer! If you have any advice, please comment below! I’d love to hear some of your opinions on the matter.

Well! I need to go exercise and such! I’ll see you guys for a possible Things I Know Tuesday but definitely a WIAW!

XOXO Zooey Zoe


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