Currently: June

Well! It is July. I believe it is time for a Currently Post!

Current Book: DELIRIUM OH MY GOSH. I read this book last year sometime but never finished it. It is now one of my favorite books. Please go read this/buy it because it will change your life. (Small summary: Love is considered a disease and you get the ‘cure’ when you reach a certain age… That’s all I’ll say)

Current Music: Marina and The Diamonds and Lana Del Ray. These two girls have soulful, powerful voices and the songs themselves are absolutely perfection.


1/2 of Marina

Current Guilty Pleasure: Peanut butter, watermelon, and mascara. Mostly peanut butter.

Current Nail Color: I’M NAKED LOOK AWAY! I kind of imagine that’s how my fingers would answer this question… If they could talk.

Current Drink: Grande nonfat or soy misto with one pump of sugar-free vanilla syrup.


Current Food: WaTeRmElOn. It’s like crack. I can’t stop eating it.

Current Favorite Show: Game of Thrones (Forever Favorite), Downton Abbey, and Teen Wolf. And Twisted. And Pretty Little Liars. I’m clearing out the DVR when I get back to California. It’s probably 90% full with my crap. Sorry Mom.

Current Wish List: This Brandy Melville Dress. I want it. I need it. I must have it.

Current Needs: Refer to above answer.

Current Triumphs: I found a bikini top and bottom. At GAP. For a total of $20. I deserve an award. Oh, and it’s polka dotted.

Current Bane of My Existence: Bugs. Go away mosquitos.

Current Celebrity Crush: Dylan O’Brien. Let me love you.


Current Indulgences: I think I’ve done plenty of indulging for one vacation. Michigan made me never want another s’more again.

Current Blessing: My father. He went to the mall with me and didn’t complain once. And he helped me pick out said bikini. He’s a keeper.

Current Slang: “Is it dinnertime yet?” (Okay not slang. But I do say it a lot)

Current Outfit: Fedora, anchor blouse, skinny jeans, no shoes. I’m on the couch. I don’t think shoes are necessary. Unless I’m visiting the queen. Then I’ll keep them on (;

Current Excitement: A Cincinnati Reds game tomorrow night! I’m so excited I think I might explode. *BOOM*

Current Mood: Confused… It smells like tuna in the living room. I’m perplexed.

Current Link: Courtney’s Blog! Can’t wait to catch up on her blog!

That’s it from this month’s Currently Post! See ya tomorrow for WIAW!



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