Friday Facts #4- Cincinnati and Parties

Sorry for leaving y’all for two days! (Thanks for reminding me, Mother) Didn’t mean to. I was preoccupied by rain. It’s magical.

So lets get on to some facts!

1. I can’t wait for my aunt’s famous Fourth Party tomorrow. So technically it’s a Sixth of July Party. Anyways, there is always mountains of food, fireworks, and an inevitable pool fight. My brother was pushed in a few years back. Guess who got a new phone after that night? (Hint: it wasn’t me)

2. I went to a dive/bar/restaurant called Terry’s Turf Club on the east side of Cinci for lunch with my dad today and let me just say… I MISSED REAL BURGERS! I rarely have them and this was a perfect treat! The ambience was awesome; very retro but classic dive. I’m happy that Guy Fieri featured it on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives! It’s a must go if you’re in the area!

20130705-054643 PM.jpg

20130705-054119 PM.jpg

20130705-054129 PM.jpg

20130705-054138 PM.jpg

20130705-054152 PM.jpg

3. I’m going to miss Cincinnati when I go back next Thursday. The weather is, although a bit wet, much better than the 100+ temps in California.

20130705-054311 PM.jpg

4. I’ve really been loving Luna’s protein bars! Even the normal bars are just fabulous. I’ve been having them with plain Chobani and a bit of fruit for a really filling breakfast. I wish I could receive some of the mystery flavors though!

5. Fitfluential really needs to hurry up with the application openings! I’d love to be an ambassador!

6. I think old 80’s movies are the best: The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, Evil Dead… Well maybe not Evil Dead. That one’s a but cheesy. Not all originals are the best.

7. I’m going to be full from this burger for the next, hmmm, 3 hours. No need for dinner 😉

See y’all for a Wordless Weekend Update tomorrow!


Question Time: What do you like on your burgers? Do you have plans this weekend?


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