MIMM #5- Amusement Parks and Not So Clean Eating

Today’s MIMM is going to be quick as I am on my way to Kings Island, an amusement park north of me in Ohio. Thanks, Katie, for hosting again!

20130708-112348 AM.jpg

This weekend was full of good food, tons of family, and fireworks. It was pretty awesome. I’ll just post the pictures so I don’t bore you with captions etc

20130708-112737 AM.jpg

20130708-112747 AM.jpg

20130708-112753 AM.jpg

20130708-112800 AM.jpg

20130708-112806 AM.jpg

20130708-112812 AM.jpg

20130708-112835 AM.jpg

20130708-112932 AM.jpg

Now on a bit more of a serious note; whilst being on vacation I feel like I’ve been slacking on my workouts and clean eating. But where I’m staying at the moment, my access to healthy food is very very limited. I’ve basically been surviving off of protein bars that I got when I was with my dad and bananas. I know that I should just enjoy myself while on vacation but I still want to be relatively healthy. Luckily today ill be walking around/on my feet for a good 10 hours. I’m just worried about Tuesday-Thursday. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Well that’s all she wrote! See ya soon!



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