MIMM #6 I Got A Job, Food, and Inspiration

Good Monday to you all. I hope your weekend was fine and dandy and I hope you’re prepared for a wonderful MIMM post!

Marvelous is my summer job! I’m babysitting an adorable baby named Gaby whom I would like to adopt immediately. She makes those 9 hours fly by. (For safety reasons for Gaby, I will not be posting pictures of her adorableness. She is cute though, I promise).

Marvelous is guacamole. It’s taco night. Need I say more?



Marvelous is a full day without electronics. I left my phone at home, didn’t post pr use the computer so I could really focus on the baby. It was nice to be away from social media for once and I can say that I wouldn’t mind doing it more often.

Marvelous is food. I just really like food.Image


It warms thy soul.

Marvelous is some weekly inspiration to kick off an equally marvelous week!







Well that about does it for me. I have a taco salad waiting for me. See ya!





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