WIAW #4 Kid Food and Pubbing

HAPPY HUMP DAY! *Insert Camel whooping* I ate, I cried (well, the babies cried), and I did not exercise. It may have been an unproductive day but the food was wonderful.

<br />
20130717-090338 AM.jpg

Thanks Jen!!

Breakfast 6:15- A really quick breakfast thrown together before work: plain Chobani mixed with vanilla and a dash of agave, then topped with Kashi Berry Crunch. I prepared a mug of hot lemon and cayenne water and headed out!

20130717-090610 AM.jpg

20130717-090617 AM.jpg

Lunch 1:30- After grocery shopping and finally getting the kids asleep, I grabbed some lunch which was a few chicken tenders (ah nostalgia) and pasta salad. Not exactly the healthiest luch but I was starving and it was 1:30 and the pasta salad was the bomb.

20130717-090841 AM.jpg

I continued drinking my lemon-cayenne and worked until 5, then got home, grabbed my lipstick and ran out the door with the family to go check out our new house! I haven’t really mentioned it before since the offer was still pending, but now (besides some paper work and an inspector visit) we are ready to get in! Well, if we can sell our house. Anyways back to the food …

Snack 5:30- Whilst at the house, I picked a few plums and oranges to steal and eat eat when I got home. The current owner of the property is extremely kind and gave my brother and I a bag (Trader Joes! I thought it was funny. Sorry) and we grabbed some fruit to go. I ate one. #sorryimnotsorry. It was the best plum I’ve had.

20130717-091525 AM.jpg

Dinner 7:00- We went to a local Irish Pub and therefore I did away with the idea of a salad and ordered a veggie burger topped with mushrooms and onion and a small salad. I needed my greens 😉 It was awesome! And I may have stolen a few potatoes and corn beef from my family. What can I say? Irish food makes me happy.

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