Friday Facts #7- A Random Assortment

Happy Almost Weekend, friends! I can’t believe this week went by so fast. It’s a bit depressing since I start school in 12 days. But for those of you who work all year, I’m clapping for you. I work over the summer and a few times here and there throughout the year, so props to those who work 80 work weeks.

So lets get some facts up in here!

1. I’m writing this whilst eating my step dad’s amazing chocolate chip banana bread. It may not be the healthiest, but it has banana and walnut (maybe some whole wheat in there) and it’s delicious. Coffee and blueberry Chobani is also for breakfast!

20130802-090638 AM.jpg/a>

20130802-090644 AM.jpg

2. Today is actually my last full day of work (that I know of) for the summer! Although I love watching the little cutie pies, I’m glad ill have a couple weeks to really ‘summer’ it up. All nighters, Netflix, killer workouts and more recipes are to come!

3. Inspiration/Favorite Pictures of the Week via Tumblr

20130802-090910 AM.jpg

20130802-092802 AM.jpg

20130802-093002 AM.jpg

4. I love grocery shopping. #sorrynotsorry

5. Steak, potatoes, green beans and yogurt (for dessert) was probably the best meal yesterday.

20130802-093237 AM.jpg

6. I’ll be posting a Lately post this weekend so be on the lookout!!

Well that’s about it. Not a whole lot. But Lately post and MIMM is coming! Don’t you fret. Talk to you later!



4 thoughts on “Friday Facts #7- A Random Assortment

  1. What grade are you going to be in? Our school for the town I live in already started yesterday! Absolutely crazy. I start the 19th so I’m enjoying my few weeks off from both school and work before the madness of homework starts again 😉

    • I’m going into 10th (: Ugh I got ya. Next year I’m going to work full time probably so I’m taking advantage of the freedom while I can. Oh my god. I couldn’t handle be back that early! They must get out in early may then?

      • You’re a youngin’ 😉 They’re on a “balanced” schedule which is kind of like year-round so they get two weeks off in October, December, and March, so they only get a 2-month summer. Luckily when I was still in high school we had a normal schedule, haha.

      • I couldn’t do that! I love my long vacations lol I am but apparently I seem older than I am. I don’t know how many times I’ve gone to a restaurant and they ask if I want a drink. Not lemonade. A pint of beer. It’s actually quite funny (:

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