Friday Facts #9- Parties and Flies

Happy Friday, folks! This week went by so slow. I’m just happy it’s over. Between the scorching here it So Cal and the crazy amount of work I have for my classes, I’ve been sweating and needing a break since Monday. But I do have a bit of a rundown of what happened this week and what’s happening next week!

1. Since I am in Student Body, I along with everyone else plans every event on campus. Tonight we have a Senior Luau and the Back To School party, meaning I have to type this up before school because I will be there for a good 15 hours. It’s not too bad seeing that I get to work the Luau with all my friends and see a couple actually dancing at the party. THEY ARE HAVING STREET TACOS. LOUD NOISES. (Guess what movie that is from for 10 brownie points) The B.2.S dance is western themed. Meaning I will be posting western pictures the entire MIMM post on Monday. I warned you.

2. I FINALLY GOT THE FIG AND ORANGE PEEL CHOBANI BITE!!!!! I had been looking everywhere for it and when I went shopping at Target yesterday (400 dollars later), I snagged it and practically squealed between the eggs and the cottage cheese. It wasn’t pretty. But the yogurt sure is! It’s absolutely delicious; the fig is chewy and almost crystalized while the peel is bitter but still provides a bit of tangy along with the yogurt. It’s a must buy, kids.




3. I really have a problem with people in advanced/AP classes. If you aren’t advanced do not take the class. Why is that such a difficult concept.

4. THERE ARE FLIES EVERYWHERE IN MY HOUSE. Last night I probably killed, hmm, 30? It’s getting a bit ridiculous, and I’m so happy that we are moving a bit south of here, where it’s a lot cooler and hopefully has less flies.

5. Like I said, I’m typing this before school so I apologize that it is so short. Time crunching is not my forte.

6. I have been peanut free for a week and a half. I’m starting to get nausea at the thought of PB. Maybe weaning my self off of it’s buttery glory wasn’t such a good idea.



I have to finish getting ready, y’all! I’ll see you on Monday with a MIMM!



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