This is Me


From the earliest I can remember, I was always the “chubby one”. My childhood friends were always petite and skinny, and they definitely never felt self conscious (or so I thought). Even though I was a bit chubby, my mother just said it was because I was young and after I grew up some more, it would all go away. Well, hate to break it to ya, Mom, but it didnt.

I remember looking in the mirror saying things like, “I’m just a chubby girl with a skinny girls face” or “My Buddha Belly is temporary. But I came to realize that my body just wasn’t made like those other girls. But of course, as a middle schooler, I didn’t really care what my genetics were like. I just wanted to be skinny.

So this is my Fitness Beginning. In 8th grade I began going to the gym with my parents, and I saw some results after the first few months. Then I began incorporating healthy foods and dipped my toe into the Healthy Blogger World. This really changed my perspective on how I was living.

And now, as a high schooler, I’ve realized that, although I am young. it doesn’t mean I can’t be fit and healthy.

I’m living my life how I want to live it. Not how everyone else lives it. I eat 80/20. No not beef (but now that we’re talking about it a burger would be really great right now); I’m talking 80% healthier foods like vegetables and lean protein, and 20% not as healthy foods. I don’t deprive myself of cake pops and ribs. I enjoy them, but have them with salad and fruits.

A little more about fitness now…

I’m NOT a runner. But I run. It’s the endorphins, I’m telling you. I love the elliptical and lifting. I love squats (HA Just Kidding). I love to hike, swim, climb, be Katniss Everdeen, and enjoy the outdoors.

And back to food…

Coffee, peanut butter, almond milk, roasted veggies, and spinach are my 5 food groups. I kid, I kid. I will inhale eat anything you put in front of me. Except mushrooms. Those things give me the heeby jeebies. Don’t even get me started on my grandmother’s cooking. It’s why I gained 10 lbs last summer. I’m an open eater as I say. I don’t mind your raised eye brows while I shovel down mashed cauliflower or peanut butter and banana smoothies. Try me.

Well, I hope you didn’t fall asleep whilst reading this novel little excerpt. Thanks for reading!



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