Friday Facts #8- Classes, The Weekend, and Not Much Else

Bonjourno my little pizza pies! Happy Friday to you all. This week I started school, the house got sold (fingers crossed everything works out) and my cleanse from peanut butter is still going…. Much to my displeasure. I am also getting butter all over my computer whilst I eat toast. Maybe not such a grand idea to eat toast and type a post. Oh well. It’s still tasty and I need to hurry up and finish this post before I leave.


School. It’s good. I’m learning and meeting new people and becoming an erudite (scholar for those who’ve not read the Divergent series which is probably all of you). So far my favorite class is English (no surprise there) and Math (BIG SURPRISE BECAUSE I AM TERRIBLE AT MATH). But I won’t bore you  with my academics. Let’s talk about food.


My newest obsession? Baby triscuits. They’re easy for me to pour in my lunch bag, easy to snack on, and easy to eat. Which may spark problems if I’m absolutely ‘famished’ after school.

Another yummy thing that resides in my tummy:


Smoothies! I’m late on the bandwagon with this one but I’m really hoping on making some fall inspired recipes soon (including pasta fagoli that tastes just like Olive Garden’s!) and maybe I’ll throw in a pumpkin pie smoothie or something creative like that.

This weekend is all relaxation for the most part (besides a few assignments I am free!) so I’ll be sure to post a Most Wanted post on either Saturday or Sunday including recipes, workouts, and links!

Like it says in the title, there’s not much else going on. So I will leave you with some pictures to stare at.









Friday Facts #7- A Random Assortment

Happy Almost Weekend, friends! I can’t believe this week went by so fast. It’s a bit depressing since I start school in 12 days. But for those of you who work all year, I’m clapping for you. I work over the summer and a few times here and there throughout the year, so props to those who work 80 work weeks.

So lets get some facts up in here!

1. I’m writing this whilst eating my step dad’s amazing chocolate chip banana bread. It may not be the healthiest, but it has banana and walnut (maybe some whole wheat in there) and it’s delicious. Coffee and blueberry Chobani is also for breakfast!

20130802-090638 AM.jpg/a>

20130802-090644 AM.jpg

2. Today is actually my last full day of work (that I know of) for the summer! Although I love watching the little cutie pies, I’m glad ill have a couple weeks to really ‘summer’ it up. All nighters, Netflix, killer workouts and more recipes are to come!

3. Inspiration/Favorite Pictures of the Week via Tumblr

20130802-090910 AM.jpg

20130802-092802 AM.jpg

20130802-093002 AM.jpg

4. I love grocery shopping. #sorrynotsorry

5. Steak, potatoes, green beans and yogurt (for dessert) was probably the best meal yesterday.

20130802-093237 AM.jpg

6. I’ll be posting a Lately post this weekend so be on the lookout!!

Well that’s about it. Not a whole lot. But Lately post and MIMM is coming! Don’t you fret. Talk to you later!


Friday Facts #5: Work, Cookies, and Facials

HAPPY FRIDAY! ‘Tis a bit late in the evening but when you’re working til 5 and you want food… You do what you gotta do. So Friday. The weekend is upon us. I’m actually spazzing out. Not that my diction really accentuates that.

Here we go!

1. My first real week of work has been stressful, fun, and full of baby squeals. I’m content. For the rest of the summer (give or take a couple days) I will be babysitting for the same family. Gotta love it!

2. Tomorrow is open house (note: we are finally selling! So happy that everything is falling into place!) and my mother and I plan on baking cookies. It’s only bribery if they find money beside the chocolate chips, right?

3. I NEED A FACIAL. So whilst the realtor shows the house, my mother and I plan on going to get lunch at Panera (I’m craving me a big ole bowl of vegan black bean soup. I’m not odd, I swear) and then going shopping for a bit. We need to be a bit frugal until the house sells, however, so I probably won’t be buying that Marc Jacobs Hamilton tote with the brown leather and silver appliqués or Lululemon pants, but to be honest, I’m fine with my sketchers and Balance Collection capris. Who needs all that junk, because I do so don’t.

4. So far this post lacks pictures so here are my favorite pics of the week!

20130719-063752 PM.jpg

20130719-063813 PM.jpg

20130719-063834 PM.jpg

20130719-063850 PM.jpg

20130719-063912 PM.jpg

20130719-063928 PM.jpg

20130719-063956 PM.jpg

Okay. I need to walk my dog. She’s panting. That’s never a good sign. SEE YOU ALL FOR A MARVELLOUS (Redundant) MIMM!


Friday Facts #4- Cincinnati and Parties

Sorry for leaving y’all for two days! (Thanks for reminding me, Mother) Didn’t mean to. I was preoccupied by rain. It’s magical.

So lets get on to some facts!

1. I can’t wait for my aunt’s famous Fourth Party tomorrow. So technically it’s a Sixth of July Party. Anyways, there is always mountains of food, fireworks, and an inevitable pool fight. My brother was pushed in a few years back. Guess who got a new phone after that night? (Hint: it wasn’t me)

2. I went to a dive/bar/restaurant called Terry’s Turf Club on the east side of Cinci for lunch with my dad today and let me just say… I MISSED REAL BURGERS! I rarely have them and this was a perfect treat! The ambience was awesome; very retro but classic dive. I’m happy that Guy Fieri featured it on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives! It’s a must go if you’re in the area!

20130705-054643 PM.jpg

20130705-054119 PM.jpg

20130705-054129 PM.jpg

20130705-054138 PM.jpg

20130705-054152 PM.jpg

3. I’m going to miss Cincinnati when I go back next Thursday. The weather is, although a bit wet, much better than the 100+ temps in California.

20130705-054311 PM.jpg

4. I’ve really been loving Luna’s protein bars! Even the normal bars are just fabulous. I’ve been having them with plain Chobani and a bit of fruit for a really filling breakfast. I wish I could receive some of the mystery flavors though!

5. Fitfluential really needs to hurry up with the application openings! I’d love to be an ambassador!

6. I think old 80’s movies are the best: The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, Evil Dead… Well maybe not Evil Dead. That one’s a but cheesy. Not all originals are the best.

7. I’m going to be full from this burger for the next, hmmm, 3 hours. No need for dinner 😉

See y’all for a Wordless Weekend Update tomorrow!


Question Time: What do you like on your burgers? Do you have plans this weekend?

Friday Facts #3- Back Home, Hash Browns, and Monk Pastries

Hellooooo! Happy Friday, my little doves! I hope y’all have something fun/relaxing to do this weekend… And if not, well at least you don’t have to go to work for two days. Unless you work the weekends. Then I sympathize.

Anyways! Let’s get on with these Friday Facts!

1. I finished Delirium. The book. Not some sort of exercise/workout/mental breakdown. I highly recommend it if you enjoy dystopian novels that are similar to the likes of Hunger Games or Divergent. It’s pretty darn awesome.

2. Hash browns make me happy. And full. I had breakfast at a cute little restaurant today called the Tamarack Inn and enjoy eggs, toast (why do restaurants have the best toast? What is the secret) and hash browns with onion and pepper. I’m done for the day. No pictures because I basically gobbled it all up with help from my dad.

3. Going back to Ohio tomorrow! Yay! I kind of missed the heat it. Ill be back on my usual clean eating after today so you can expect more veggies and fruits and less hash browns and muffins. Sorry.

4. SPEAKING OF MUFFINS! I went to this shack-y humble place that was called the Jam Pot. It is run by monks. It is the best. I blame them for my weight gain. Darn you monks. But bless you because your lemon cream cheese pound cake and cranberry bread makes me happy.

20130628-111402 AM.jpg

5. I may have an obsession with asparagus. Robert Downey Jr. will have to move down a spot on my list of obsessions loves. Sorry Rob. I’m sure it’s heartbreaking.

20130628-111536 AM.jpg

6. I’m trying to type this in a moving car. Hash browns are trying to make a surprise appearance. I’ll see you guys on Monday for a Marvellous MIMM post (Redundancy is my forte). Here are a few more pictures from this week (:


20130628-111652 AM.jpg

20130628-111704 AM.jpg

20130628-111718 AM.jpg

20130628-111731 AM.jpg

Friday Facts #2- Mackinaw, Midwest, and Grilled Cheese

I’m actually typing this wonderful post up on Thursday, as I will be driving and all that jazz Friday… BECAUSE I’M GOING TO MICHIGAN BABY!

Every year, I fly back east to visit family and friends, but my step-mom (Hi Karen!) and Dad always try to take a trip somewhere other than Ohio. Last year was Florida, but we are falling back on our usual: Michigan. This year we’re driving up to Mackinaw City and staying the night before crossing the bridge and heading up to the Upper Peninsula. It’s beautiful, the hiking is awesome, and the fish is fresh. But anyways; you guys came for the Facts!

1. I forgot how good a grilled cheese can be. I made mine with some Ezekiel and a slice of sharp cheddar when I arrived at my parents house. It was wonderful. I think I almost cried.

2. Thanks to Molly I officially cannot wait for Mackinaw as she has informed on plenty of awesome things to eat and do while I’m there for the day! It’s going to be awesome. Pictures to come of course!

3. My parent’s dogs are cute. Apollo (below) is the baby of the pack. He’s kind of a spaz ball. And he, too, enjoys a mean grilled cheese.

20130620-095812 PM.jpg

4. Am I the only one who forgets the date when I’m not in school? Oh wait. That’s everyone.

5. If you are from the Midwest, please tell me you know of or have tried a pasty. No, not those things you stick on your boobs when you are wearing a deep cut neck, but a crusty pie/calzone/thing full of yummy fillings like potato and gravy. These things are the bomb. You gotta have one.

6. Swamp People is literally the most entertaining show to watch when you are severely jet lagged and tired. I didn’t even understand half the stuff they said.


20130620-100558 PM.jpg

Enough said.

Ill see you guys for a Wordless Weekend Post sometime, well, this weekend! It will be full of Michigan stuff. So if you don’t like good food and lakes, look away.


Friday Facts

1. Cleaning and organizing are my two least favorite things to do… Unless I find 30 dollars. Then I can’t stop.

2. Dinner Wednesday was amazing. Public House is one of my favorite restaurants/hang out spots in my town! I got a chicken caesar salad with grilled sourdough and spicy dressing on the side… Oh and fries worth writing home blogging about!

Sweetly Spicy Fries... I need a moment.

Sweetly Spicy Fries… I need a moment.

Caesar with Sourdough

Caesar with Sourdough

I spilled water a good, um, 3 times.

I spilled water a good, um, 3 times.


3. I spend way too much time doing my makeup. When I’m not going anywhere. And I’m just going to take it off 4 hours later. I may need intervention.

4. My dog is seriously the cutest. When I take her for runs she tries to race me, but inevitably smells a rabbit and proceeds to yank my arm off at 10 mph. Did I say cutest? I meant aggravating. But she is still pretty cute,

Opal The Rabbit Hunter

Opal The Rabbit Hunter

5. I’m going to a trampoline gym tonight… This will be interesting. Pictures to come (: