WIAW #3 – A Legendary Baseball Game… And Burgers

(After I first typed this up, my computer decided to delete it. So this version may be a bit shorter. I apologise for the inconvenience.)

Happy Wednesday folks! Let’s hop right into the eats and the feats of Wednesday Tuesday!
Thanks again, Jenn, for hosting such an awesome get together!

20130703-094150 AM.jpg

Breakfast 8:30: Short and sweet, a lemon Luna bar which just happens to be my second favorite. I chomped this down before I ran over (not literally although I should and could have) to the gym for some lower body work.

20130703-094324 AM.jpg

The sled and some dead lifts did it for my legs. I was already sore from my upper body workout. Now I’m just sore all over.

20130703-094434 AM.jpg

20130703-094442 AM.jpg

Lunch 11:00: My early lunch was an oldie but a goodie: egg scramble with spinach and salsa! Yum yum yum. I was starved after that workout, I’m telling you. Toast and strawberries kept me full until around 2 when

20130703-094715 AM.jpg

Snacks 2:00-4:00: I snacked off and on throughout the afternoon. After my dad and I stopped at the book store, we went to Kroger for some groceries… And free samples. (Newer Kroger’s are so much nicer and the samples are much more ample!) I snagged a wonderful wheat berry and roasted corn salad that I’m forcing asking my lovely father to buy me when we go out today.
A plum and some pistachios were also eaten.

20130703-095230 AM.jpg

20130703-095326 AM.jpg

20130703-095243 AM.jpg

Dinner 5:20: Simple yet delicious was my burger topped with Swiss cheese, pesto and a slice of Ezekiel bread. Awesome possum.

20130703-095510 AM.jpg

We went to a legendary game. The Cincinnati Reds beat San Fran 3-0 and our pitcher pitched an almost perfect game. I’m proud to be a Cincinnatian.

<img src="https://coffeeandcurlups.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/20130703-095618-am.jpg" alt="20130703-095618 AM.jpg" class="alignnone size-full"

20130703-095629 AM.jpg

Well that’s it! See you all tomorrow for some sort of Thursday post! Kisses and happy Hump Day!