Friday Facts #8- Classes, The Weekend, and Not Much Else

Bonjourno my little pizza pies! Happy Friday to you all. This week I started school, the house got sold (fingers crossed everything works out) and my cleanse from peanut butter is still going…. Much to my displeasure. I am also getting butter all over my computer whilst I eat toast. Maybe not such a grand idea to eat toast and type a post. Oh well. It’s still tasty and I need to hurry up and finish this post before I leave.


School. It’s good. I’m learning and meeting new people and becoming an erudite (scholar for those who’ve not read the Divergent series which is probably all of you). So far my favorite class is English (no surprise there) and Math (BIG SURPRISE BECAUSE I AM TERRIBLE AT MATH). But I won’t bore you  with my academics. Let’s talk about food.


My newest obsession? Baby triscuits. They’re easy for me to pour in my lunch bag, easy to snack on, and easy to eat. Which may spark problems if I’m absolutely ‘famished’ after school.

Another yummy thing that resides in my tummy:


Smoothies! I’m late on the bandwagon with this one but I’m really hoping on making some fall inspired recipes soon (including pasta fagoli that tastes just like Olive Garden’s!) and maybe I’ll throw in a pumpkin pie smoothie or something creative like that.

This weekend is all relaxation for the most part (besides a few assignments I am free!) so I’ll be sure to post a Most Wanted post on either Saturday or Sunday including recipes, workouts, and links!

Like it says in the title, there’s not much else going on. So I will leave you with some pictures to stare at.









MIMM #9 Classes, Smoothies, and Such

Hey Y’all! Happy Monday night. I promise I’ll start to get my posts published earlier but what with Student Body projects and getting my schedule for this year’s classes, today was a bit of a late one. Oops. I’ll be trying to get my posts typed up the night before, then posted in the morning. So that is the plan! 

Speaking of school, I start Wednesday! Which makes me both nervous and happy. I’m excited for the new people and the new classes and the new subjects. I’m taking the basics (English, Maths, AP History, Chemistry) but I’m really excited for Fashion Construction! I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it, but I have a small fashion/beauty/Carrie Bradshaw obsession and therefore squealed when I found out about getting into a class where we design and wear our own handmade clothes. I’m happy to say the least. 

So let’s talk weekend, hmm? 

After my beach retreat, I headed home, ate some deep dish pizza (after not really eating much all day) and hit the hay. The next day my family hosted a poker/pool party and I relaxed with some friends and watched Beautiful Creatures with a plate full of low-fat sliders (my creation thank you very much), my guacamole, some crudités, and a couple little baby brownies. YUMMMMMMMMM. Sunday was relaxed. I drew a bit, did some cleaning, ate, and watched the last episodes of Shark Week. See you next year, Sharkies! And now tomorrow is Tuesday. My last day of freedom. I intend on watching Netflix, maybe working out, and finishing some little things here and there. 

But hey, I promised a smoothie! Here’s my new fave:

Tropical Smoothie

Serves: 1

What You’ll Need:

2 cups frozen tropical fruit (I used a target brand frozen pack of peaches, pineapple, banana, and mango)

1/4 cup plain yogurt

1/4-1/2 cup milk of choice (really just enough to get everything moving)

What You’ll Do:

1. Put all ingredients in a blender and puree!

2. Enjoy with a spoon and a smile.



Well that is it for MIMM! Go check out Healthy Diva for more MIMM awesomeness!


See ya Wednesday! 


WIAW #7 A New Recipe and Other Yummy Stuff

Hi friends! Happy HUMP DAY! I’ve got a new recipe for y’all, so lets hop right into it!

Breakfast 9:00- I had a super simple breakfast today consisting of plain yogurt, vanilla extract, a sprinkle of cinnamon, blueberries, and Kashi Cinnamon Crunch.

20130807-095911 AM.jpg

Lunch 1:00– Last night’s stuffed peppers left us with about 5 peppers worth of the rice and vegetable stuffing. So I put a bit of that on top of some baby spinach, microwaved, and topped with hot sauce. It was a filling, delicious, healthy lunch that kept me full for a while.

20130807-100433 AM.jpg

Workout (Sorta)- Throughout the day I did the following tabata workout: Burpees, Mountain Climbers, High Knees, Jumping Jacks. It left me a but winded but I did it a couple times an hour just because of the insane heat outside left me wanting to keep it quick and sweaty.

Dinner 7:00- Step-Dad made a super delicious pork loin that I enjoyed with a couple spears of asparagus and broccoli. ’twas wonderful! (Ignore the blurry iphone photo!)

20130807-100523 AM.jpg

Miscellaneous Snacks and Such: I ate about 3/4 of a Cliff Crunchy PB bar throughout the day.

20130807-100700 AM.jpg

And after dinner I indulged in banana ‘ice cream’ and a small brownie. It was worth it. Trust me.

Now it’s recipe time! I decided to move away from my loyal yogurt mess and drift into my old favorite, oatmeal! Here’s an easy and delicious steel oat recipe!

Banana Blueberry Steel Cut Oats

Servings: 2

What You’// Need:

1/2 cup of steel cut oats
1 banana, thinly sliced
1/2  cup of blueberries (frozen works best)
1 1/3 cup water
2/3 cup milk of choice
1 teaspoon cinnamon
Pinch of nutmeg
Optional: Sweetener of choice and add ins
What You’ll Do:
1. Take water and oats and put into a small pot. boil water.
2. Once the water is boiling add in spices and milk, stir, and reduce heat to medium low. Cook for 20-25 minutes or until the mixture is thick and creamy, stirring frequently. Take the oats off the heat when there is little to no residual liquid left (depending on how you like your oats, you can leave the extra liquid)
3. Here comes the fun part: Take the sliced banana, pour into the pot, and vigorously stir to incorporate the banana thoroughly. When the banana has almost disappeared, add in blueberries.
4. Serve! Pour into a bowl and top with sweetener (agave, xylitol, stevia, honey) and add ins (flax seed, raisins, peanut butter, almond butter, granola)
5. Enjoy with a nice cuppa tea or coffee.
That’s all she write! See ya on Friday for some facts!

Friday Facts #5: Work, Cookies, and Facials

HAPPY FRIDAY! ‘Tis a bit late in the evening but when you’re working til 5 and you want food… You do what you gotta do. So Friday. The weekend is upon us. I’m actually spazzing out. Not that my diction really accentuates that.

Here we go!

1. My first real week of work has been stressful, fun, and full of baby squeals. I’m content. For the rest of the summer (give or take a couple days) I will be babysitting for the same family. Gotta love it!

2. Tomorrow is open house (note: we are finally selling! So happy that everything is falling into place!) and my mother and I plan on baking cookies. It’s only bribery if they find money beside the chocolate chips, right?

3. I NEED A FACIAL. So whilst the realtor shows the house, my mother and I plan on going to get lunch at Panera (I’m craving me a big ole bowl of vegan black bean soup. I’m not odd, I swear) and then going shopping for a bit. We need to be a bit frugal until the house sells, however, so I probably won’t be buying that Marc Jacobs Hamilton tote with the brown leather and silver appliqués or Lululemon pants, but to be honest, I’m fine with my sketchers and Balance Collection capris. Who needs all that junk, because I do so don’t.

4. So far this post lacks pictures so here are my favorite pics of the week!

20130719-063752 PM.jpg

20130719-063813 PM.jpg

20130719-063834 PM.jpg

20130719-063850 PM.jpg

20130719-063912 PM.jpg

20130719-063928 PM.jpg

20130719-063956 PM.jpg

Okay. I need to walk my dog. She’s panting. That’s never a good sign. SEE YOU ALL FOR A MARVELLOUS (Redundant) MIMM!


Friday Facts #2- Mackinaw, Midwest, and Grilled Cheese

I’m actually typing this wonderful post up on Thursday, as I will be driving and all that jazz Friday… BECAUSE I’M GOING TO MICHIGAN BABY!

Every year, I fly back east to visit family and friends, but my step-mom (Hi Karen!) and Dad always try to take a trip somewhere other than Ohio. Last year was Florida, but we are falling back on our usual: Michigan. This year we’re driving up to Mackinaw City and staying the night before crossing the bridge and heading up to the Upper Peninsula. It’s beautiful, the hiking is awesome, and the fish is fresh. But anyways; you guys came for the Facts!

1. I forgot how good a grilled cheese can be. I made mine with some Ezekiel and a slice of sharp cheddar when I arrived at my parents house. It was wonderful. I think I almost cried.

2. Thanks to Molly I officially cannot wait for Mackinaw as she has informed on plenty of awesome things to eat and do while I’m there for the day! It’s going to be awesome. Pictures to come of course!

3. My parent’s dogs are cute. Apollo (below) is the baby of the pack. He’s kind of a spaz ball. And he, too, enjoys a mean grilled cheese.

20130620-095812 PM.jpg

4. Am I the only one who forgets the date when I’m not in school? Oh wait. That’s everyone.

5. If you are from the Midwest, please tell me you know of or have tried a pasty. No, not those things you stick on your boobs when you are wearing a deep cut neck, but a crusty pie/calzone/thing full of yummy fillings like potato and gravy. These things are the bomb. You gotta have one.

6. Swamp People is literally the most entertaining show to watch when you are severely jet lagged and tired. I didn’t even understand half the stuff they said.


20130620-100558 PM.jpg

Enough said.

Ill see you guys for a Wordless Weekend Post sometime, well, this weekend! It will be full of Michigan stuff. So if you don’t like good food and lakes, look away.


Friday Facts

1. Cleaning and organizing are my two least favorite things to do… Unless I find 30 dollars. Then I can’t stop.

2. Dinner Wednesday was amazing. Public House is one of my favorite restaurants/hang out spots in my town! I got a chicken caesar salad with grilled sourdough and spicy dressing on the side… Oh and fries worth writing home blogging about!

Sweetly Spicy Fries... I need a moment.

Sweetly Spicy Fries… I need a moment.

Caesar with Sourdough

Caesar with Sourdough

I spilled water a good, um, 3 times.

I spilled water a good, um, 3 times.


3. I spend way too much time doing my makeup. When I’m not going anywhere. And I’m just going to take it off 4 hours later. I may need intervention.

4. My dog is seriously the cutest. When I take her for runs she tries to race me, but inevitably smells a rabbit and proceeds to yank my arm off at 10 mph. Did I say cutest? I meant aggravating. But she is still pretty cute,

Opal The Rabbit Hunter

Opal The Rabbit Hunter

5. I’m going to a trampoline gym tonight… This will be interesting. Pictures to come (:




Happy Wednesday! My first day of summer vacation… And What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday! If you want to learn more about WIAW, go to check out Jen’s site: Peas and Crayons! Let’s jump right in, hmm? 


Breakfast was already shown but I’ll refresh your memory! My favorite breakfast lately: yogurt, fruit, coffee!



Lunch was eaten after I finished my last exam (Which I think I aced). This was a super amazing scrumptious salad. In the mix: chicken, spinach, walnuts, and roasted garlic balsamic/olive oil mix. I gobbled this up while I caught up on DVR. Yummy!


Dinner was as promised: Tacos! Ever since I really started lowering my carb intake and upping my protein, I’ve stopped having actual tacos. I take the protein, lettuce (or spinach for this dinner), salsa, cheese, and guacamole (which we unfortunately did not have. Tears may have been shed)… Plus a couple tortilla chips for crunch. No tortillas in sight! Who needs tortillas when you can have double the meat?!Image

I didn’t take any pictures of my snacks, but they were a banana during my break between exams, and two hard boiled egg whites and peanut butter right out of the jar. What can I say. It’s the best that way.

Well thank you for reading, y’all! See you later, alligators!