MIMM #7- It’s Just Another Manic Monday

Hello my little doves! Happy Monday (ignore the oxymoron). I’d say this weekend went by incredibly fast, unfortunately, because now I have to wake up early and work. Although babysitting isn’t too much work. Anyways. Lets do this MIMM! Thanks Katie for hosting again!

20130722-071215 AM.jpg

1. Marvellous is not having to clean my room because if a showing. I slept in on Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed my uninterrupted slumber without having to get up and dust and wipe and vacuum.

2. Marvellous is a must needed facial. Thank god for Massage Envy. My skin is now glowing and slowly getting clearer.

3. Marvellous is running again. After 3 weeks without it, I can say I’ve missed it so much. I almost died/threw up but hey, what’s exercise without a bit of exertion. Ill be running all the time now!

4. Marvellous was lunch yesterday! I roasted bell pepper, swaii (a white fish with a very mild flavor and firm texture), some spices and topped the whole thing over some spinach and Kerrygold aged white cheddar. It was amazing.

20130722-071548 AM.jpg

5. Marvellous is makeup! I bought Revlon Just Bitten lip stain (which to me resembles a Clinique Chubby Stick) in a beautiful fuchsia color, a Maybelline Bouncy Blush in Peach Petal, and a bottle of Not Your Mother’s frizz cream. It was, all in all, an awesome little pick me up.

6. Not so marvellous is my lack of pictures. I’m sorry. I was quite busy and ended up snapping only what I could. Including:

20130722-072010 AM.jpg

20130722-072016 AM.jpg A marvellous snack whilst watching HBO.

20130722-072059 AM.jpg
A huge strawberry.

20130722-072124 AM.jpg

A bison burger for lunch.

And that’s about it! Not too much to see. Other than my tears because i couldn’t go to Comic Con. Im a geek. Oops. See you all for WIAW!

Marvellous Update! An oldie but a goodie breakfast of rice cakes with smooth peanut butter, cinnamon, and bananas and a big ol’ cup of joe. Yum

20130722-073621 AM.jpg

20130722-073716 AM.jpg



Friday Facts

1. Cleaning and organizing are my two least favorite things to do… Unless I find 30 dollars. Then I can’t stop.

2. Dinner Wednesday was amazing. Public House is one of my favorite restaurants/hang out spots in my town! I got a chicken caesar salad with grilled sourdough and spicy dressing on the side… Oh and fries worth writing home blogging about!

Sweetly Spicy Fries... I need a moment.

Sweetly Spicy Fries… I need a moment.

Caesar with Sourdough

Caesar with Sourdough

I spilled water a good, um, 3 times.

I spilled water a good, um, 3 times.


3. I spend way too much time doing my makeup. When I’m not going anywhere. And I’m just going to take it off 4 hours later. I may need intervention.

4. My dog is seriously the cutest. When I take her for runs she tries to race me, but inevitably smells a rabbit and proceeds to yank my arm off at 10 mph. Did I say cutest? I meant aggravating. But she is still pretty cute,

Opal The Rabbit Hunter

Opal The Rabbit Hunter

5. I’m going to a trampoline gym tonight… This will be interesting. Pictures to come (: