Happy Wednesday! My first day of summer vacation… And What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday! If you want to learn more about WIAW, go to check out Jen’s site: Peas and Crayons! Let’s jump right in, hmm? 


Breakfast was already shown but I’ll refresh your memory! My favorite breakfast lately: yogurt, fruit, coffee!



Lunch was eaten after I finished my last exam (Which I think I aced). This was a super amazing scrumptious salad. In the mix: chicken, spinach, walnuts, and roasted garlic balsamic/olive oil mix. I gobbled this up while I caught up on DVR. Yummy!


Dinner was as promised: Tacos! Ever since I really started lowering my carb intake and upping my protein, I’ve stopped having actual tacos. I take the protein, lettuce (or spinach for this dinner), salsa, cheese, and guacamole (which we unfortunately did not have. Tears may have been shed)… Plus a couple tortilla chips for crunch. No tortillas in sight! Who needs tortillas when you can have double the meat?!Image

I didn’t take any pictures of my snacks, but they were a banana during my break between exams, and two hard boiled egg whites and peanut butter right out of the jar. What can I say. It’s the best that way.

Well thank you for reading, y’all! See you later, alligators!